Nosara has become one of the best places to come and SUP, all types of breaks and uncrowded beaches where you can just cruise or SUPSurf. We provide certified instructors in all SUP areas

The tours are for the whole family to enjoy to enjoy, we provide guides who know the area and can give you a safe and amazing time.




Modern stand up paddle surfing has its own Hawaiian roots as well. In the 1940s, surf instructors in Waikiki would take paddles and stand on their boards to get a better view of the surfers in the water and incoming swells, and from time to time they would surf the waves in themselves using the paddle to steer the board. 


John Zapotocky, considered the father of modern stand up surfing. John first went to Hawaii in 1940, and instantly fell in love with the ocean. He made his life there from that day on and after seeing Duke Kahanamoku and the other Beach boys like the AhChoy brothers on stand-up boards, he stuck to it and has been surfing with a paddle ever since. He became such an icon amongst the beach boys that they gave him the nickname of ‘’Pearl Diver’’.

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