Come hop on a board and explore the most beautiful sites of Nosara. We will make you fall in love with the sport! All of our instructors are ISA certified and CPR certified. We will bring the equipment to the beach or river so you wont have to worry about anything but having fun. We will provide full summary of how to safely paddle, proper techniques, and equipment overview, so you can enjoy your time in the water. It is a great way to explore the sea, creatures and enjoy with your whole family and friends.


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Rio Montaña


Paddle on the beautiful calm River Montaña. You will see the amazing mangrove and all the animals that live in it.

Playa Garza


Paddle on the beautiful Playa Garza and its calm waters. You will see all that the ocean has to offer and the amazing sites of this spectacular beach.


Isla Rosada


Paddle to the most beautiful Island with pink sand and nothing around, just you and the gorgeous view. The most breathtaking place.


Playa Pelada


Paddle Playa Pelada's gentle waters and enjoy the scenery. The mountains to the back with white sand beach and beautiful reef surrounding you.